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Facebook knows a lot about me - here's everything I found | CNBC


7 months ago2 min read


The fact that a mainstream outlet like CNBC published something like this is sort of a news on its own. It also legitimize these issues in the eyes of average masses. Here is a short list of what author dug up:


  • It can recognize my face  
  • It knows every ad topic I've ever clicked  
  • It has a list of every company that has my contact information from the ads I've clicked  
  • It has a list of every contact in my phone book  
  • It knows every social event I was invited to and/or attended through Facebook  
  • It has a log of every friend I have on Facebook and when we became friends  
  • It knows every time I logged in  
  • It has a copy of my timeline going back to the time I joined  
  • It knows my major life events  
  • It knows every video I've watched on Facebook  
  • It has old messages  
  • It has a copy of every photo I've ever uploaded  



Facebook knows some of these things because you have unwisely given such information to FB. But compare that with what STEEM and its front ends know about you. Another terrible thing is the amount of accounts you have made and already forgotten. can help you with that. Give the website a go. I've written about it some time ago for STEEM Hunt.

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