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My Sunflower tree and some new Wood Pours


5 months agoSteemit2 min read

This is the biggest Sunflower I've ever grown. Not the tallest or the biggest head, but more heads than I've seen on one plant. Have a gander at this thing.


And they go all the way down to the base of it. Pretty cool if you ask me. Now onto some of the new pours I did.

The other day @silversaver888 showed my first ever pours that I sent her. It inspired me too pour a few more. These were some wood molds I carved up over the summer. Time to test them out.

First thing that happened was my crucible decided I was done pouring for the day. It broke apart like half cooked cookie dough. Then my torch ran out and left a giant blob of Borax and Silver stuck in it. They ended up looking something like this.

At this point I was getting frustrated. Time for some White Russians. LOL

I'm not very happy with how these turned out. Not the White Russians, my pours. All my molds are different sizes and shapes. All the square/rectangle molds turn into peanut looking shapes no matter what I tried. The even dumber part is, I made some peanut shaped molds and they don't even look like peanuts. UGH.

Here are my 3 least bad pours and I still don't like them. These will most likely get melted again until they are to my liking. They need more detail in the burnt wood. This was all soft wood so I'm not too surprised.


Sorry about the blurry pic. It looked perfect with a few White Russians.

Then there was this piece. Right when my torch was running out of gas I was trying to get as much out of the crucible as possible. It has a very interesting shape.


I will call it Salchicha De La Norte!!!

Time to get back to work. I hope you enjoyed this post and at least got a laugh. Oh and that Tito's Vodka picture above isn't my picture. It's from Sumptuous Living in case you were wondering.

Have a great weekend!!!

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