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Christchurch Mosque Shooter Video


5 months ago

Dhared From Dlike

What disturbed me most about #Christchurch is how helpless and defenceless the victims where. They could not or did not even try to defend themselves.

#BrentonTarrant was able to return to his car TWICE to change weapons and ammunition and no police to be seen anywhere.

There will be discussions on the 30 … 60 round magazined he had. But honestly as leisurely as he walked around a restriction to 10 round magazines would not have slowed him down significantly. He dropped magazined which still had rounds in them all the time.

And in the end he just drove away and still no police to be seen. If he hadn't shown his face in the live stream he could have escaped.

Which I suspect is the main reason why the #NewZealand police doesn't want you to see the video.

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