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The Drug Dealers are now Trading Crypto


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I used to know a few people back in High School who used to flip some weed to make a quick buck or two and now that I think of it there were too many people doing that when I was young.

Although I never gave into doing illegal stuff for money, despite that I was kinda poor back then I did understand the people doing that.

They were mainly kids that grew up with financial issues, either in their homes or just growing up in poverty. I guess selling weed was a gateway for them to scale up a class and afford a better everyday life like the rest of the dudes.

Something Interesting

For the past several days I've been seeing some old friends around and people I used to know back in my school days. Specifically some of the people that used to sell weed. I can't consider them dear friends and what not but I do ask about how they are doing in life.

One thing that they all have in common right now is that they don't sell weed anymore, they daytrade crypto. Not only them but rather most of my friends are doing it really, even though I barely talk about crypto to them, somehow they have found these waters by themselves.

Drug Selling

As I mentioned, most of the people I knew selling drugs were people that had it rough in life. And I do think that selling illegal stuff makes life even harder. Back in the days, there wasn't any abstract way for passive income in my country, it was well accepted that you would end up busting your ass for around 1$ per hour.

Most of the people that had some dignity never got to the point where they had to work for that money, some made it Big, others went abroad and the majority sold drugs and did stupid shit.

So I guess that I found another positive side of the whole crypto world through personal observation. These people are now inspired to earn income through Crypto and more and more people are getting aboard the coin trains. Heck, even I'm here.
It's an amazing thing to see really.

So yeah, I guess that's about all I wanted to share, just felt like sharing some positivity for the whole crypto world thing.

Have you guys seen any of these changes? Anything positive that has sparked in your life that revolves around crypto?

I'd love to know ^^

Thanks for reading!

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