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My investments for 2020

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3 months ago2 min read

A new decade has begun
It feels like things will only accelerate in the coming years, so it only feels natural to review and ponder the strategies for growth and development in these interesting times.


As we are slowly moving to a true "web 3.0" ( whatever that may entail) things are looking confusion, murky and opaque. This only natural and in hindsight everything will make sense. That is why speculation is so difficult: it is all uncertain!
I will not be powering up any more SP this year, not because I do not believe in STEEM and all its off shoots, but because I need cash for some real world investments.

I hold a decent amount of SP, STEEMLEO and PAL and I will not power them down, but I might swap them, changing the ratio a bit. I sold most of the other tokens to buy PAL and STEEMLEO. I hope to start selling my photography on STEEM for crypto, which should help to grow my stake with having to put cash in.

Real world

This year I will start a business. Not because I think it will make me rich now, but because I need the experience. This is also the reason I will not put any money into crypto for the foreseeable future, as I expect I will need to make some investments and pay some losses this year.
Besides this new venture, I hope to create some cash flow with my photography. Again, it will be more about the experience then making a quick buck.

wishing all my steemit friends a prosperous and fortuitous 2020!

Vander Impromptu 

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steem on, dream on!


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