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Update to the AVINOC airdrop: have you gotten your tokens yet?


10 months agoBusy2 min read

Ever since I wrote about the AVINOC airdrop a few days ago, people have been asking me for updates about it. The most common question is when or if they are getting their tokens, and I actually have an update for you regarding this.

avinoc logo.jpg

I always prefer to give the original source, so see the following screenshot from the AVINOC Telegram group:


This message was pinned for a while earlier today, but now a new message has been pinned instead. But don't worry, this new pinned message says the same with some changed words to make it more clear.

Anyway, the takeaway from this is that they are working on distributing the airdrop right now, but it takes a long time to send it to over 300,000 different accounts! Here's a clickable link to the Etherscan of the token, so you can see the transfers in real-time by clicking there.

To see if you have gotten the tokens yourself, search for your own wallet address on Etherscan and see if it's under recent transactions. Paste this link, then add your wallet address to the end:

I haven't got my tokens yet, but hopefully I get them soon enough. As they said on Telegram, it can take up to 72 hours, so we got to be patient.

Thanks to everyone who used my referral link!

Again, thanks to everyone who used my referral link when they signed up for the airdrop! The referral reward of 5 % really added up when a lot of you guys used it, and I'm very grateful to everyone who did.

I'm pretty sure the value of the token will be a lot lower than the interface has told us by the time it is available to trade for everyone, but hopefully it will still give us a decent chunk of cash if we decide to sell it. I'm still undecided if I am going to dump it right away or just add it to my long-term holding, so I would love to hear the opinion of everyone else.


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