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The AVINOC airdrop is going on right now: get your free AVINOC tokens in 5 minutes!


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We Steem users sure enjoyed the free Byteball airdrop that has been taking place lately, but it’s not like Byteball is the only airdrop out there. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be blogging about every single airdrop, but judging from the response from the last one, I will write about the ones who I find to be most interesting. If you like free crypto, then great news for you, and if you don’t care about airdrops, then feel free to just skip this post.

Want to skip straight to the airdrop? Click here to get going!

AVINOC airdrop.jpg

My result from participation in the airdrop. It’s definitely a lot of money if the price stays this high.

Today we’re going to be looking at the AVINOC airdrop. It’s taking place right now, and will run for about 50 hours after this post is published. So if you want some free tokens, then you’ve got to do it within the next two days.

As you can see from the screenshot above, I got an estimation of over $250 from the airdrop without getting any referrals, so this means that anyone can get this much. I only spent between 5 and 10 minutes on this in total, so it’s a great deal if the price turns out to be as good as they estimate.

How to join in on the free AVINOC airdrop

Step 1) Get a ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet if you don’t already have one.

My personal favorite is MetaMask, but there are also a few other options out there.

Step 2) Follow this link, and scroll down a few paragraph until you hit the part about the airdrop. Click on “To the airdrop”.

Full disclosure: this is a referral link, so only use this if you want to support me with some tokens. I have no idea how much I even get, but I love free tokens, so I will be very grateful if you use it.


This is the part of the website you want to look for. The numbers might be a bit wrong, since I took this screenshot last night.

Step 3) Sign in with either of the third-party services to get started.

You can use your Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, LinkedIn, Reddit ++ accounts, but sadly there’s no option for Steem right now. Just select the one you are comfortable with, and once you are in, you can also get some extra tokens by attaching your account with some of the other social media accounts.

Step 4) Register your ETH wallet Address!

This is important to do before the airdrop deadline, or else you might not get any tokens at all. You should do this as soon as possible.

Step 5) Complete “missions” on the main airdrop interface to get more tokens.

You get a bonus for each new social media profile you connect with the airdrop, and there are also some other nice missions you can complete to get some tokens such as following them on Twitter, or retweeting stuff.

And that’s it!

Now you just need to wait a few days until the airdrop deadline passes, and you will get your tokens. From what I understand, they will all be sent to your ETH wallet right after the deadline is over.

What exactly is AVINOC?

AVINOC is an ERC-20 token that is currently in its ICO and airdrop phase. The goal of the token is to be a kind of middleman between customers and operators in the aviation industry, and hope to cut the cost of the entire industry by providing a decentralized, transparent alternative to the brokers that are currently working with this.

I’m definitely not familiar with the aviation industry at all, so I can’t say that I understand all of what they are trying to accomplish, but check out the Whitepaper for yourself if you want to learn about this project.

Will you participate in the AVINOC airdrop?


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