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Byteball airdrops between $10 and $160 worth of crypto to all Steem users; make sure to get yours now!


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I have gotten a lot of airdrops during my time in the crypto sphere, but this is the first time I have seen a crypto get airdropped to all Steem users. And it’s not just any cryptocurrency either, it’s a fully functional crypto called Byteball that already has a functioning wallet with smart contracts, and a $75 million market cap!


This is my Byteball wallet after spending two minutes on completing the airdrop!

What is Byteball?

Byteball is a cryptocurrency platform for smart contracts, and it’s main focus (from what I understand) is to have human readable smart contracts. If you’ve been playing around with EOS or Ethereum, then you will understand why mass-adaptation of smart contracts needs to be easier to understand by people, and that’s just what Byteball hopes to solve.

If you’re unclear about what a smart contract is, then imagine setting up a payment with a condition. For instance, you can say that the person will only receive payment if they fulfill the set condition, which can be something like having to wait a set time. This allows you to have a safer trading experience, and there are already several bots on the network where you can utilize smart contracts in some form.

One important thing to know about Byteball is that it does not run on a blockchain, but rather on a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) system. Whether or not you prefer this over a regular blockchain is up to yourself, but it’s worth keeping in mind, especially now that you are about to be an owner of Byteball Bytes!

Enough talk, let’s get to the free airdrop already!

It’s actually very quick and easy to get the airdrop. First step is to follow this link and download the wallet. Full disclose; this is a referral link that will also give me some Bytes. If you don’t want to use that link, follow this instead to not use the referral link. Once there, download the wallet and install it.


Once the wallet is ready, click on “Receive”, and then copy your Byteball address. At this point you will need to get some funds to get going, but don’t worry, I will send enough Bytes to complete the airdrop to everyone who copies their address below.

While waiting to get the funds to finish the airdrop, click on “Chat” and select the “Steem attestation bot”. Open the chat, and you will get instructions on how to verify your Steem username. It’s not difficult at all, and the main thing you need to do is to connect with SteemConnect.


At a point you will be asked to sign the transaction with 0.000049 GB, which I have hopefully been able to send to your wallet already. Once this is sent, the verification is complete, and you will get your Byteball Bytes in a few moments!

How much will I get?

How much you get depends on your reputation level here on Steemit! It’s important to keep in mind that only 50 % of it will be liquid at the start, while the other half will be tied to a smart contract that will pay you exactly one year after you verified your identification. This means that you will be forced to hold it for at least one year, which might end up giving you a lot more money in the end (if the market turns for the better).

Here’s a table of how much money worth the different reputation levels will get:
30 – 39: $10 worth of Byteball Bytes.
40 – 49: $20 worth of Byteball Bytes.
50 – 59: $40 worth of Byteball Bytes.
60 – 69: $80 worth of Byteball Bytes.
70 +: $160 worth of Byteball Bytes.

If you’re below reputation level 30, then I suggest that you wait with the airdrop for a while, because you won’t be getting anything from it anyway.

If you want to learn more, then check out the official announcement post by @punqtured. They also have a more detailed guide that will help you get started.

There is no time limit on the airdrop, so you might want to wait a bit if you think the value of Byteball Bytes is going to sink, since the money will be paid to equal the same dollar value at any point. However, this is obviously risky since the market can also rise again, which means you lost some potential coins.

Have you gotten your Byteball Bytes yet?


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