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Steem is Cool - PowerUp done again


4 months agoBusy2 min read


Powered Up back to 35,000 SP

I have been there already but used some Steem Power last year to invest into the Steem Blockchain around Steemmonsters which was not a bad idea given the prize development of the cards. Now it is time to PowerUp some Steem to be able to vote more and curate more efficiently soon when my time gives the opportunity.

Why to Power Up? The chain is fast, offers a lot potential for DApps and businesses (which we still need to acquire) and is totally under valued. Why? This is a point of an endless discussion with people of various opinions. While I personally think we should reduce the influence of the socal media platform that regards "content" others see this as key asset. I love the community, I love to post and write but I see more potential around Apps built on the blockchain.

NewSteem has improved the ecosystem (or content platform)

The #newsteem approach after HF22 for sure has improved the formerly shitty trending page, the tribes add more community flavour and now it is up to us as community how we market this, how we behave and how we protect our reward pool from abusers.

My trust is still strong hecne my PowerUp - Time will tell how far we can climb the rankings again, target has to be Top 10 on Coinmarketcap - an area this chain has to be.


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