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Rock Classics Edition 37 - Special Mixes

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Rock Classics with some Special Songs

Today - It has been a while again -another issue of my Rock Classics Series but not covering one band / act but some unforgettable songs of the Rock scene including new remixes - hope you like it! That combined RockClassics with DanceWeekend.

Europe - The Final Countdown

A song that is played still all around the continent across various scenarious especially when a countdown is required - the band from Sweden had their breakthrough with that song and followed-up with some other decent chartbreaker - but this is still the biggest success everyone remembers - listen to the original and a more modern remixed version:

Survivor - The Eye of the Tiger

The song of Rocky 3 - - that was transferred even to Rocky 4 - a classic of my youth. Never been a fan of the lead vocals but the song faces memories in these days when we got educated in my country that US is the hero of our world while russia aka the Soviets are bad - a lot changed since then. Listen to the original and nice remix below:

Starship - We Built This City

A band that was known as Jefferson Airplane - renamed into Jefferson Starship - finally shortened to become "Starship". It was a kind of commercial rock developped from alternative Rock - I liked their songs a lot I have to confess. Check original and remix below:


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