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The new scoring feature allows every user to influence the quality of contributions found on the platform and help bring rewards and recognition to those of high quality. This post explains how it all works and why we should score contributions.

Scoring Is for Everyone

As part of our efforts to decentralize the platform, encourage users to network with each other and give the community more influence on the distribution of rewards, we recently introduced the scoring feature. This allows every Utopian user to score contributions. To support this capability, we also introduced reputation to the platform.

A Unique Reputation System

Every Utopian account now has a dynamic reputation assigned to it. This reputation is calculated by using various metrics to measure the quality of the contribution you make on the platform. That is then weighed against that of others, with every reputation also weighed against the account that has the highest reputation value. With this, users are encouraged to contribute well in order to maintain their reputation levels in relation to other user's activity.

The level of reputation you hold on Utopian also affects the influence of your scoring. The higher your reputation, the more your scores affect a contribution's ranking and rewards.

Reputation Level

Every Utopian account has a reputation level from the ones listed below. Newbies have no influence yet on the platform (to avoid potential abuse) and have to contribute until they get to Beginner, which has the least amount of influence.

Elite holds the highest amount of influence and is gained through consistently making high quality contributions. Community Managers have this level by default, in accordance with the responsibility demanded by their positions. Moderators start off at Guru.

  • Newbie
  • Beginner
  • Advanced
  • Expert
  • Pro
  • Ninja
  • Guru
  • Hero
  • Legend
  • Elite

What Affects Your Reputation and How

To increase or maintain your reputation, you will need to continuously make high quality contributions. The more valuable contributions you make, the higher your work is scored, and the higher your reputation goes.

  • Quality contributions: these affect your reputation positively. The more highly scored contributions you make on Utopian the better your reputation becomes.

  • Your scoring activity: scoring other contributions will have a beneficial effect on your reputation as well.

  • Rejected contributions: contributions are rejected for violating fundamental rules and this lowers your reputation on the platform.

  • Steem Power delegation: sponsors are also assigned reputation levels according to how much Steem Power they delegate to

How to Score Contributions

Find Contributions to Score

Visit the contributions feed by clicking on Contributions in the side panel or by clicking the Utopian logo in the top left corner of the screen.

You can filter your feed by category. Choose a category from the list on top of the contributions list. (as seen in the image below)

Click the Score Icon

Once you find a contribution you want to score, open it by clicking on its title. This will bring you to the its content page.

You will find a blue score button to the right of the contribution's title. The number shown there is the current aggregate score. Click the button to view the questionnaire.

Answer the Questionnaire

To begin scoring, answer the questionnaire as accurately as you can. The answers you pick will be used to calculate the final score given to the contribution, so choose carefully.

To see how other people have scored the contribution, click Most rated.

Leave a Comment

After scoring a contribution, you are encouraged to leave comments with appreciation, tips or suggestions for the contributor and the community.

Utopian will be on the lookout for high quality scoring and those who leave insightful and valuable feedback will get random fat upvotes on their comments.

Go ahead and start scoring contributions on!

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