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The Jeffrey Epstein Criminal Network Exposed by Journalist Whitney Webb + Search Engine Bias Via the 'Trust Project'


5 months ago2 min read

The Jeffrey Epstein Web is vast and many people continue their research into the many groups and individuals that he was connected to and the likely large list of serious crimes he touched into too. Whitney Webb is one of the best known journalists truly diving deeply into this topic and she has just given a lengthy interview at the higherside chats channel.

One of the interesting new bits of info in this interview relates to internet censorship and control via search engine biases put in place via 'The Trust Project' - apparently a mechanism that provides 'authorised' mainstream news sites a way to get their content pushed up the search rankings online, resulting in everyone else's content getting pushed down the search results:

The details of all of this are so vast there is no simple way for me to summarise it here, so I'll just give you the link to the video and the links to her written pieces on Mint Press News below too. This topic is so important and you are unlikely to hear this information even mentioned in the mainstream. Please share far and wide.


This post was originally published at Earth Heart Community.


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