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Security Company Whistleblower Was paid to Harass / Torture Many People Remotely - Inc. Using Direct Energy Weapons". Anyone Challenging The Status Quo May Be Targeted.. Even Entire Cities Can be 'Mood Shifted'.


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The phenomena of 'Targeted Individuals' is a highly controversial one and complex in it's nature. Many allege that highly organised and funded programs exist to control and overpower individuals and groups covertly and remotely - attempting to strangle free thought and free will in society - for the benefit of those behind the programs. Technology is patented that allows voices/sounds to be heard directly inside someone's skull - without anyone else hearing it - so to do patents for many other technologies exist that can be used to harass and manipulate others without them even realising. This apparently knowledgeable and competent whistleblower claims to have been part of a large scale program to do all of this and more..

There are several common terms for phenomena that relate to what is being described here, including 'gang stalking', 'gas lighting', 'remote influencing' and 'mind control'. Often the victims experience phenomena that mimic mental illness and thus typically never receive acknowledgment or even understand what is happening to them. Our mainstream narrative states that such symptoms are probably just 'craziness' and that no other possible explanation exists - other than, perhaps, that the person is secretly taking 'illegal' drugs. The reality, though, is that patents such as this one make clear that microwave technology has existed for some time that can directly place thoughts and voices into people's minds without them necessarily knowing the origin of them or consenting to their invasive presence. When we cannot trust our own thoughts, we will inevitably become anxious and confused and that is without the possibility that those doing the implanting will be using hypnotic suggestion and other methods of taking over the mind of their targets.

In this unusually detailed and worthy interview, the anonymous speaker describes how people are inducted into running the covert programs by being tempted by 'the best of everything', including drugs, sex and anything else. Once into the programs, they are kept quiet by being threatened with being tortured and abused themselves - with many apparently becoming homeless and destroyed in the process anyway. As far fetched as all of this may sound, there is ample evidence and testimony from others - including microwave tower engineers and even an MI5 microwave weapons expert (Barrie Trower - mentioned in my whistleblower series) that such technology is very real and is fully rolled out in numerous countries, including the USA.

I am not personally in a position to prove or disprove what is being said here, but I remain open to the possibilities being presented since I have no reason to close my mind and judge so many who are speaking out to be liars or mentally ill.

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