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#QANON Final Investigation part #48 summup steemit post for consideration by the truth community


2 years agoSteemit2 min read

links and evidences for consideration by the truth community by UNIRock
all discoveries, evidence, and source material recorded during thousands of hours of livestreaming on twitch, youtube, and periscope (among other networks)

15:44 5/19/2018 by UNIRock & #ROCKaSQUAD

this link
is an enormous set of research and 8chan posts concerning exposing the qanon hacking, hijacking, and monetization. You can take the end # on the end of the link and replace it with the #100, 200, 220, or any number up to the highest number of boards generated to read and understand the research of Anon's trying to reveal to people the honest truth
Not only is this very important for consideration to anyone trying to understand the Qanon Phenomenon but.... if you take a close look at the kind of research that was deleted, or banned from the qanon research and posting boards, you can see that there is a certain narrative being pushed throughout the information that is put out regarding "qanon".

This is important to consider, but also,,, another hidden gem of truth revealed itself while digging through these boards.
The fact that this movement was actually stolen from another anonymous message board
The original qanon (who was never called qanon, who's posts noone has seen other than when the original movement was copied by the bakers in the very very beginning to "steal" or "subvert" the original posters message, and we know why now ... to monetize this in some way)
from what we have seen up to now I am making a video to describe and document this all, after this video is posted we will work toward proving to anyone that isnt brainwashed, the very origin of the qanon movement.
these links are for any of the researchers who help me by sending me their findings.
please... comb through all of this, see where it leads you, and drop anything you find in my discord or email it to me [email protected] [email protected]
if i dont get a correspondence please just go to twitter, or spam me in live chat when im live.
thank you
of unirock
[email protected] [email protected]


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