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Upcycling Pallets to Build a More Sustainable World for All 🌍


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We love the Earth, so we invest our time and energy in honoring and protecting it.

Repurposing the "waste" resources we already have in great abundance is a wonderful way to build a more sustainable world. We regularly find valuable material in perfect condition, and every single day we find new ways to upcycle materials. 

To us, creating solutions for everyday needs out of "trash" materials is much more satisfying than shopping at stores for some generic consumer goods. For one, we aren't supporting multinational corporations or complying with taxation through the act of shopping. For two, we aren't forsaking the extraction of resources from our planet or the manpower that was needed to fabricate the consumer product. For three, we are cutting down on pollution by redirecting valuable material from the landfill. For four, we get to exercise our own ingenuity and innovation to find an "out of the box" option to fulfill our needs and wants. For five, we thoughtfully consider our needs and wants instead of mindlessly and addictively consuming--is satisfying them truly in the highest good of ALL? 

The list goes on and on as to why we find this lifestyle satisfying, and we want to continue to share inspiration for upcycling and repurposing valuable "waste" resources to show you how fun & easy sustainability can be!

We save 350,000 pounds of trash from the landfill annually and utilize it for sustainable purposes. Between composting and burning wood in our hand-built rocket stoves, much of it is used to nurture our unique food reality.  

Additionally, trash becomes treasure with a little creativity and manpower! Our Shellie AKA
@everlove, for example, is a talented artist with an eye for beauty, and rescued resources are her favorite medium! We are constantly utilizing trash for building and art projects. We beautify our space by salvaging discarded material once destined for the landfill. 

Today, we're going to share a few project ideas for using PALLETS. A quick peek behind almost any conventional store often yields several pallets in perfect condition! Of course we use them in the traditional purpose of elevating materials stacked on top of them, but a little innovation can lead to new uses, as they make excellent building blocks for a variety of projects. 

Here are 4 ideas for utilizing pallets:

1. Make a chicken coop.

Chickens add so much to a sustainable homestead, and keeping them is a fun hobby! They nourish the soil, control bug populations, and of course produce nutritious food that humans can eat.

Providing shelter is important for keeping chickens to keep them safe from predators and the elements. Our chicken coop is made out of recycled pallets, and our chickens are pleased with their digs! 

2. Make a vertical garden.

Some homes lack space for a traditional garden, and vertical gardening is growing in popularity. We find that stuffing a pallet with soil makes a great planter! Herbs thrive in this situation, and of course herbs have so many benefits to health that it makes sense to keep them on hand. It's a cute idea that you can use to plant a single herb or a variety. 

This photo shows our vertical lemon herb garden. It features lemon thai basil, lemon balm, and lemon mint. You could also do an Italian herb garden with oregano, basil, thyme, and rosemary, or a mint garden with varieties like peppermint, spearmint, pineapple mint, and lime mint. 

3. Make an organizer with separated compartments. 

We used pallets to make an organizer for sorting. It's super easy and fast to put together. Because this doesn't need to support much weight, we stood pallets upright and lashed them together with more sustainable materials. In this case, we used strips of plastic (like disposed shopping bags) rolled tightly and tied together. We use a similar construct for some of our compost piles.

4. Build a workshop or storage shed.

We used discarded pallets to build many of the structures on our property. We have several outbuildings for extra storage, and pallets make an excellent frame for them. Some structures are fine with open space in the pallet walls, because the roofs have enough overhang. You can also nail plywood or even tarps to the frame if the contents of the structure need some extra protection. 

We hope you are inspired by the possibilities of utilizing pallets and other "trash" resources! A healthier planet depends on each of us making healthier choices, and repurposing what we already have in great abundance is such a choice.  A shift in perspective turns rubbish into possibility and great wealth!

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