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BeautifulSunday . Enjoying the first rays of the sun.🌄


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This is my entry for #BeautifulSunday organized by @ace108 and for #SublimeSunday by @c0ff33a.

I love the mountains, the climate that is breathed, the view that it gives us at any time of the day is priceless.

I have had the happiness of moving to a mountainous place in my city, hoping that my son and grandson can also move to this place so that my happiness is complete.

In the mornings I take advantage of the days where the sun gives us its first rays and I go out for a run, this allows me to stay healthy and helps me to drain the stress that we live today.

I will share the gift of nature that I enjoy in the morning on my journey.


In Venezuela we know it as Purple Urape.

Bauhinia is the floral emblem of Hong Kong, and appears on its flag.

The shrub reaches 6 to 12 meters and its branches span 3 to 6 meters in length, its leaves can measure 10 to 15 cm.

The pentapétalas flowers, generally in shades of red, pink, yellow, are fragrant. The clusters are 7-13 cm in diameter.



Flat-leaved plants, their flower grows from a thick bulb of about 15 centimeters, extremely showy with its six tepals forming an open cylinder herbaceous perennials that grow from thick bulbs up to 15 cm in diameter. The leaves are flat, very long and rimmed. The flowers are actinomorphic, hermaphrodite, extremely showy. The stamens have versatile filaments and anthers and dorsifixes.

Its can reach up to 15 cm in diameter, white, pink or red colors with a sweet aroma that captivate gardens for its pleasant smell.


It is a kind of Orchid that is grown without much effort, it requires a ventilated soil and good irrigation.

It can be seen in its flowering clusters of fleshy and fragrant flowers.

It takes advantage of the humidity of the climate, bathes in the light, and even tolerates direct sun.



Is its scientific name, here in Venezuela we know it as a butter flower, they can be seen in white, purple, pink or orange, my favorite is yellow.

This beautiful flower grows vigorously, tending to entangle itself climbing up to several meters, highlighting its beautiful and spectacular bright yellow flowers.

Its light green leaves are permanent with a pointed shape that reaches about 15 centimeters long and between two to five inches wide.



I am @truelovemon, Mileidy. Lover of nature and everything that inhabits it. Passionate about photography, not only a click is enoughj, it is to see beyond your eyes, it is to fill you with the hidden beauty in the simple.

It prevents Coronavirus.
Stay in 🏡 Facts not fear. 🙌 Clean. 💕 Open.

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