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The Gifts Of The Earth


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How lucky we are to live in a place where those things that we need to survive surround us. Of course this may not seem like the case for those who live in cities, and it may seem like a naive statement to some. But the air that we need to breathe comes from the trees that live amongst us. The earth that we walk upon is what puts food on our tables. The amount of vegetation that the earth can provide for us is staggering.

Of course their was a time when the earth was covered in lush forest, lush vegetation, a time when food production was done gently and respectfully. When their was more of a balance between our relationship with the earth. An understanding that if we take something, then we most give something back. That time is still here for some and for those the abundance that the earth provides, is simply breath taking. I see it when I look at the fruit that the trees on the land I live, provides. The amount of seeds that one piece of fruit products is huge.


I remember the first time I grew Kale I was blown away by the sheer amount of seeds one plant makes. I feel a certain honour to hold a seed in my hand, knowing that once it is given the right conditions that one seed can provide me and my family with food for years to come. To me that is magic, that is such a perfect example of one of the many gifts we get from the earth. No matter where you live, you can see the earths expression of abundance. Be it the trees that grow in the city centers, the dandelions that grow between the pavements. The sheer abundance and diversity of plants that grow in the edges that surround us. We only need to open our eyes to see!

It is easy to no longer notice, to forget to stop and smell the flowers, as the saying goes. Life really seems to have sped up, but it does not take much to slow down, to reconnect with the world around us. Because when we start to engage with nature, we start to see the beauty that surrounds us, we open up our hearts to this magical world. We start to reconnect with ourselves.

Why should we not be in awe of the birds that fly past us each day, why should we not search out for a tree in which to rest our backs against. Why are so many, no longer enjoying the simple things in life. No longer placing value on time spend outdoors in nature. Why are so many people, now so scared of getting dirty.


We are not meant to live in a sterilized world, our bodies need to be exposed to dirt, to soil, how else can our immune systems mature and strive if they are not allowed to be worked. I touched on this in my post yesterday, the soil supports us, it is what feeds us. I love to get my hands dirty in the garden, to feel the earth, to smell it. Yet now we have those who wear gloves, yet spread toxic chemicals in their homes to keep it sterilized and clean. What is this madness?

How have we evolved to the point where soil is seen as dirty, yet toxic house hold products are to be found in most homes. Products that really affect our health and pollute the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Yes I like to write about this journey, this journey that humankind has under went, that has led some of us, further and further away from the natural world. I write about it, because we can become lost, detached from our true and powerful self, if we forget to re connect. If we forget to take off our shoes and allow our bodies to discharge the energies it no longer needs and in turn draw up the energy it does need.


When we are in sync with nature, with the natural earth cycles, then our lives flow, we open ourselves up to receiving the abundance of life.

So slow down, breathe deep and take time out to really observe that which is around you. Take walks out in nature, listen to the sounds, listen to yourself, allow your shoulders to drop and feel the roots of your true self connect with the earth. For we are one of the gifts of the earth, we only need to remember.

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