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Now Is The Time To Bring More Balance Into Our Lives


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Today is the Spring Equinox, when both night and day are equal. It is a festival of balance, both within the physical world and within ourselves. Today we focus on the balance between the dark and the light, the dynamic energy of the sun and the receptive energy of the moon.

It is the time to look inwards and focus on bringing balance into our own lives. We are a reflection of the natural world and when we surrender to that natural flow, then we open ourselves up to new understanding and healing.

I have often spoke of the power that lies in acknowledging the teachings of the earth. Of embracing the natural desires and emotions that come with the changing of the seasons, the cycle of the moon. It is easy to get distracted from this natural rhythm that surrounds us. We are living in a time where our attention is being drawn more and more away from the natural world.More and more away from our natural selves.

So many people have become disconnected from the earth that sustains them, forgetting that everything we need to live comes from her. Forgetting that we are of the earth.

Right now in the northern hemisphere the power of the sun is returning. We are awakening more and more from our winter slumber, just as everything in nature is. We will begin to feel more of our energy returning, and with that a natural desire to become more active,now is the time to manifest our dreams and ideas.

It is really important to take the time to put our intentions out into the world. But even more important, is taking the time to show our gratitude for that which we have. Gratitude towards the natural world for all that she has bestowed upon us.

We can show our gratitude in the way that we care for the environment, in the way that we chose to live our lives. In the decisions we make and the direction we allow ourselves to go. We all have a choice. It is time to give back, instead of just taking.

If we chose to always give something back, when we receive,that we are bringing more balance into our lives. When we allow our intuition self to guide us, whilst also using our rational mind, we bring balance into our lives. When we accept the dark with the light, then we bring balance into our lives. When we ourselves are more accepting of others, we bring balance into the world.

With balance, comes wholeness.

Now is the time to look at areas of imbalance n your life, to exam the way you think, to break negative thought patterns, that no longer serve you. To really reflect on your health, as all illness is related to imbalance in the body. The thoughts we have, when left unchecked can manifest into serious illness. Take this time to be still, to sit with yourself. Now is the time for self care.
You need to take the time for you and your well being.

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