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Day 6: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: Faster Than Light


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I stare into space thinking about how I can get myself to the next piece of rock. With my third eye open that isn’t a difficult task. We can move faster than the speed of light if we have a body that is connected and a well-trained mind.

When you are tired, close your eyes for eighty breaths. Do not fall asleep. Let whatever comes to mind pass through without latching on to the thought nor attempting to push it out. Let what comes up come and let it pass like the water flowing in a stream.

“You’ll never be in the same river twice.” - Ancient Chinese saying.

We have traveled out of our solar system many of times. We have only forgotten how it is done.

With all of the negative mind control by outside forces, we remain locked in our worlds, fighting for every breath we take, fighting to feel the rhythm and energy of the earth, fighting to have a peaceful mind among the chaotic force’s attempts at keeping us docile little pets.



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