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My entry to the "Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 5"


2 years agoSteemit2 min read

This is my second participation in the contest by @thedarkhorse. The idea is to nominate 3 people whose content we like, under 50 reputation... and write a post about one of their latest posts. Here we go again.

(To avoid hurt feelings, users will be ordered by their reputation level - this time in ascending order. I think that's a bit more fair.)

#1 - @sscrow (43)

Tammy Tinch is a phenomenal artist, who's been sharing her original drawings and really creative works for about 8 months now... and I believe she deserves a lot more recognition. Here's one of her latest works: Pugz


#2 - @nikonat (45)

Natalia is an Ukrainian Artist & Photographer. Her photos are quite good but what I like the most is when she shares her own works, where she turns a photograph into a digital drawing. Here's an example: Dark & Horror #01 "A Pretty Vampire"


#3 - @alcidsmujica (50)

An artist from Venezuela, who publishes his own works. From time to time, we are presented with a really cute drawing... like this: Sonriele a la vida y esta te llenara de cosas buenas


If you want to join the contest, here's more info about the "Pay It Forward" contest.

My previous participation is here, featuring @lesploratore, @natashamoscow & @cebuvibes

Hey, @banjo, where are you?

@trincowski signing out.


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