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My entry to the "Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 41"


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This is my entry for the Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 41 hosted by @pifc.

The rules of this challenge are very simple: Feature 2 High Quality Original Content Blog Posts from Steemians with a reputation score of 55 or under.

This week I present you two artists who have been posting regularly for a few months: @irisnova and @teammoney.

Here's the preview of their latest artworks:


#1 - @irisnova (32)

Iris Nova is an artist who joined the Steem Network on August 29, 2018. She's from Hungary and calls herself a life artist, stating that she is an entrepreneur, medium, coach, artist and author.

The work I'm featuring from @irisnova was published yesterday and it's a beautiful painting accompanied by a somewhat philosophical text.

09-AMBITIE Davith.jpg

The are no shots showing the progress of her work but I believe the accompanying text is more than enough to meet the requirements of the contest.

@irisnova's blog is about more than just her art. She posts about several topics but always related to her homesteading lifestyle. @irisnova can definitely use a little bit more exposure. She has been flying under the radar so far.

#2 - @teammoney (50)

Pedro Suez is a Venezuelan artist. His main jobs, though, are production optimisation engineer / purchasing analyst and university teacher. He joined the Steem Network almost a year ago, on February 11, 2018 and uses this blog to showcase his artistic skills. What a versatile individual, eh?

The post I've selected from @teammoney is a portrait of a woman with vipers crawling on her head. This post is also from yesterday.


@teammoney includes several steps of his progress, accompanied by descriptions of the process and techniques used.

# Final Thoughts

At the time I'm writing this, both posts have little rewards, with $0.92 and $0.12.

In my opinion @irisnova and @teammoney have been quite consistent with their blogging and both deserve to have a little more recognition. The only suggestion I have is for @teammoney: "go easy with the titles, Pedro, there's no need for such long testaments in the title of the posts!" 😄

Please give them some love and support. Any help is appreciated.

If you want to join the contest, here's more info about the "Pay It Forward" contest hosted by @pifc.

My previous participations are here:

Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 41 hosted by @pifc.

If possible, I'll be buying 2 SBI (@steembasicincome) shares - one for each artist - with the rewards from this post.

Please support @irisnova and @teammoney with a few upvotes, follows, resteems, comments. 😉

@trincowski signing out.


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