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My entry to the "Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 30"


2 years agoeSteem4 min read

It's time to publish my entry for Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 30.
Yep!!! 30 Weeks already, in this contest hosted by @pifc! And the contest keeps going strong!

The rules of this challenge are very simple: Feature 2 High Quality Original Content Blog Posts from Steemians with a reputation score of 55 or under.

I return to my habit of bringing you two artists I have never featured before, @alkor and @francisftlp.

Here's the preview of their latest artworks:


#1 - @alkor (47)

Alexander Korolev is an artist from Tver Oblast (Russia) who joined the Steem Network on April, 2018.

@alkor has been a very consistent blogger who specialises in realistic portrait drawings, mostly white and grey portraits.

From time to time he presents a colourful portrait drawing, too... and for my entry I've decided not to feature his latest artwork, but a portrait artwork from 3 days ago:

Gentlemen of fortune (drawing) is a magnificent portrait with incredible details.


How cool are these portraits? So expressive and with an excellent use of shadows!

#2 - @francisftlp (53)

Francis Torres is a Venezuelan artist who joined SteemIt on January 2018.


@francisftlp also specialises in portrait drawings, most of them in colour.

I've chosen to feature her Drawing of Will Smith, published yesterday.


Very cool and realistic, don't you think?

# Final Thoughts

At the time I'm writing this, both posts are undervalued, with $0.50 and $0.70 in rewards.

I don't think @alkor's works are getting the rewards they should, as he tends to earn less than $0.50 per post, being that 80% of those rewards are given by the @elegance platform. His reputation of 47 also seem a bit low to me, considering Alexander has been publishing excellent works, for so long.

@francisftlp is doing a little better, my guess is because Francis is interacting a little more with other artists and users, not only in SteemIt but also in Discord.

Both Alexander and Francis are being very consistent and my only suggestion goes to @alkor. Please try to engage a little more with other users on this platform, either by commenting or voting other people's posts more often.

The two of you are making very good posts and I hope you keep motivated to go on.

Please support @alkor and @francisftlp and let 'em know their work is very appreciated!

If you want to join the contest, here's more info about the "Pay It Forward" contest.

My previous participations are here:

More info about the Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 30

Since my rewards start allowing me to give a little more back to the community, I'm making the commitment to buy 2 SBI shares, one for each artist, with the rewards from this post.

Please support @alkor and @francisftlp with a few upvotes, follows, resteems, comments. Whatever you can do. 😉

@trincowski signing out.


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