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My Dad in Hong Kong - Steemit Portrait Photography Contest - Week 117


4 months agoeSteem

Hello there!

For this week I'm posting a photo of my dad, with the city of Hong Kong in the background.

I took this shot with a cheap smartphone 2 years ago. This is a complete amateur photo. I know I don't stand much chance at winning the contest. But I can still participate for the fun of it, no? 🤗


In the above shot the city is almost faded into the fog... which makes sense, since this is an entry for a Portrait Photography Contest.

However, I edited it to make the buildings pop out a bit more.


Which version do you prefer?

If you want to participate in this contest, too, here's the announcement link: Steemit Portrait Photography Contest - Week 117.

CameraXiaomi Redmi 3
Photos1 Untouched
1 Edited with GIMP

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