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From Amiga 1200 to an Intel i5... Getting Back into Gaming!


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I used to play a lot of games when I was a teenager. Back then I had an Amiga 1200 and I would try every game available just to check if it was good or not.

Do you remember this little great computer?


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No, this was not the one. The above image is a later concept that never came to life. The original one worked with floppy disks and a typical Amiga user desk was always something like this:


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After the Amiga 1200 was so obsolete that I couldn't keep using it, I had to move to PCs and no matter whether I had Linux or Windows, the great feeling I used to had when playing games was just not there. 😶

A multitude of issues prevented me from having the same kind of experience: bad graphics, lousy sound effects and horrible music, glitches and bugs all through the games, having to calibrate joysticks, having to install the games to hard drive instead of running them directly from the original floppy disks... In sum, playing on a PC was just not the same. It was a horrible experience and it felt more like work than fun. 😣

The hassle of having to install games was something I could never comprehend. Why couldn't they simply play out of the box? Why did I need to go to the internet looking for fixes, workarounds and solutions, because no game would work well after installing it? 🤔

By the time PCs caught up, I was already a fan of consoles such as Nintendo, Sega and Sony Playstation.

The last console I bought was a Playstation 3... and I had lots of fun with some games, specially with playing Dragon's Dogma. This is a great game with only one single flaw: the world is just too small! I wanted more and more and more... 😁

You get to fight some serious monsters along with your hand picked crew, which you can keep changing at any point in the game... and you even have the possibility of climbing up your enemies and stick a sword in their heads!


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After 30 decades, I'm finally happy to say... playing on a PC feels as good as playing back in the late 80s and early 90s on an Amiga. Now, installing a game is as easy as pressing a button and I don't need to fix anything. They finally work as intended! The joystick works without having to calibrate it, too! 🤣

I've took the opportunity of the Christmas Sales at Epic Games to get my hands on a couple of titles.

The first one was Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, a game where you get to play a monkey... and the idea is simply to evolve through survival and exploration. Here's a good and funny review:

I picked this title because it looks like a very interesting concept and a totally original one.

The second game I picked up needs another trip back to the memory lane.

One of the games I enjoyed the most in Amiga was Frontier: Elite 2. It was a game of exploration, combat, trading and mining on space and I wasted countless hours playing it. It still amazes me to this day that the whole game played out of a single floppy disk, with no installation required. The entire game fitted in just 630 kb.

I'm sure you'll laugh about the graphics but at that time, this was great:

Still today, I challenge any current game developer to make such a game fit in a single 630 kb executable file. I bet they'll go insane trying. 😁

The creators David Braben and Ian Bell were pure geniuses. Here's a very cool video about their history with the making of the first version of the game, Frontier:

Now, 3 decades later, I've found a game that has the same kind of play and tactics. It's called Rebel Galaxy: Outlaw and I'm very eager to start playing it.

I've learnt that a new version of Frontier - Elite: Dangerous - is also available, having been released in 2014, so I'll have to look out for a deal on that one.

However, since Rebel Galaxy: Outlaw is from July 2019, it seemed the better option right now.

I've got both of these titles at very cheap prices: €9.99 and €8.74.

I'd sure like to play Red Dead Redemption 2, as well, but costing over 50€, I'll patiently wait for its price to come down. 😜

Do you know any of these games...? If yes, what's your exprience so far?

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