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I am what you would call an early adopter. I came to steem on June of 2016, before the first ever Steem payout on July 4th 2016. Since my early days on the platform I've been both very active, and also taken breaks as I've gone after other projects that would momentarily peak my interest. However, I always felt a sense of home base on STEEM.


Steem Permabull

I believe in STEEM because in my view it is one of the most underrated blockchains in the world. I've shared on many of my videos how blocktivity tells the true story behind tokens and their price, so in my view seeing it be so low is not very irrational, and it won't stay low for long.

With all the changes coming, with hardfork 20 right around the corner, I can't help but to be bullish on STEEM despite of how the markets look today. The feature that excites me the most, is how easy account creation will become. This to me has always been the biggest obstacle.

My biggest Regret

My biggest regret was shifting my focus from steem to other projects that were not sustainable. I was so crazy over the idea of profits that I forgot about something that is more important, a community. And Steem has community built into it through it's blockchain

That is why I've come back over the past 4 to 5 months. I even made a video about this, shared a vulnerable moment, because I finally understood what this is all about. My efforts have shifted, I've focused for months now on building a community around myself using Steem curation, trying to help other people too with delegations and support. Putting my Steem Power to work.

This is why I'm writing this open letter, because I want everyone to know what I'm up to, and what my hopes are. What I want to see happen, not just for me, but for everyone who is on STEEM too.

How steem-ua can be the difference

It's very simple for me to see right now. Because the way the current system is, you have to wait days, sometimes week to get your account approved, and if you lose your keys by mistake and you need to get a new account, that could easily turn into months.

Mass adoption becomes impossible with a system like this. But after they are here, how do we keep those users on STEEM? How do we keep them engaged, making good content, building communties ect?

From where I stand @steem-ua is the most suitable answer. It can provide a system of incentives for people to keep on keeping on. Why would anybody leave if there is a giant whale curating those who are engaging with each other? Why would people feel the system is broken, when they are seeing curation finally happening?

The distribution of the Steem Coin is a problem, but people being ignored is even a bigger problem than that. @steem-ua tackles both of those problems by making people want to power up and participate in it, and that is what we all want to see.

As someone who has gotten flagged a lot, it might be surprising for you to hear me say that I don't think flags are the problem here. The problem is that even though STEEM already has great incentive for people to power up, they don't do so because they see the goal too far away. Powering up 100 tokens does not sound like a life changing decision, but with @steem-ua it could be, and that is my point.

Imagine how this place would look if people stopped selling everything they make and adopt the right mindset. If we have more people having 500 SP on their wallets, and not so many dust vote accounts.

I've delegated 22,222 to steem-ua

And because I want people to see my intentions here, I told @scipio that I wanted to decline rewards on it. I realize that makes me sound crazy, but there is a reason for it. I want this place to be a place for everyone, not just for whales, not just for people with money as it has become.

I don't know of a better way to show the community that I mean these words, than by doing that. Because words are just words, if action don't follow. And that is also something I'm trying to do different.

Just a few days ago on @steem-ua's discord, I said publicly that I would up my delegation to the project once it reached 450K SP. But today I thought about an even better way of showing my support for this idea.

For every 50K SP the project reaches, I will up my delegation another 5K SP. Basically adding 10% on top. And who knows. Maybe I'll delegate all of it out. But if it helps STEEM moon, then I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and do it.

I hope other users with high SP join me too, because I think this is a golden opportunity to make a difference, not just now, but for years to come. We could be changing the game entirely.

What's not to love about that?-

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- Trevon James


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