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Travelgirl Goes To Tokyo For A Quick Trip


8 months agoBusy2 min read

Hi Everyone,

I flew to Tokyo for a few days after Steem Fest where I met my mum at the airport for our quick visit. We did loads over the few days and walked probably a months worth of steps. It's around 20 months since my last visit to Japan so it was great to be back. From 35+ degrees heat in Bangkok to 14 degrees in Tokyo, my body didn't really cope the first day. It was like a shock to the system. From wearing singlets and shorts to jumpers and hoodies.


Either way, here are some of the things we have done over a few days. I will start writing about them after I finish with the Bangkok trip. I just need to some time to recover and also sort out the photos.

Our room facing Sky Tree - the colour changes all the time as well as the pattern. Will show them all to you later on


Love the packing Japanese items have. I wish I could take them all home but shame on luggage space.

IMG_2887 (1).JPG

How can you not get these bubble toys while you are in Japan. I went crazy at the one in the Akihabara station

IMG_3095 (1).JPG

Went to my favourite BBQ seafood restaurant. Fresh seafood cooked in front of you. Do you know what's inside the crab shell?


The must-buy for my little ones in Japan. They are just so expensive in Sydney I stocked up :) ... do you know what they are?


The land of cup noodles. They are cheap and have a huge variety here. I wish they could import more of these to Sydney!


These are just a small highlight on my trip. I will miss Japan!!!


animation by @catwomanteresa

Travelgirl pic.jpeg

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