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Thursday Night Steem Monsters Silver League Tournaments - 20 SBD + Gold Cards !! | 星期四晚 Steem Monster 錦標賽 20SBD 獎金 + 張金卡!


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Hi All,

@wilhb81 and I will be hosting a Silver league Steem Monster Tournament tomorrow night at 11pm Sydney time for the Australian players | 8pm in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, and many more Asian cities (GMT +11 )

It is free to enter and the League we are having at is Silver - Single Elimination

Register here:


1st Place: 10 SBD
2nd Place: 5 SBD
3rd Place: 3 SBD
4th Place: 2 SBD

5th - 8th Place: 1 of the 4 beta gold cards will be sent

Please ensure you use your Steem Monsters user name to play and if you are like me where the username has been taken, use an underscore behind your name which is also accepted and we will know (eg travelgirl_)

@wilhb81 and I will be around our Telegram group during the tournament so feel free to join us here if you have any questions as we prefer you to be there when the tournament commences. -

Check in commences 15 minutes before the game starts so this will ensure we can all start on time. This will also ensure that all players are there when tournament starts.

Rules to remember:

  • Please wait for our instructions to start each round (in particular round 1, 2 & 3)
  • The top player of the assigned match always initiate the battle
  • Wait the full 9 minutes to declare yourself as winner if your opponent doesn’t turn up for whatever reason after they checked in
  • Depending on the size of the tournament, round 1 and 2 can take a bit longer so please be patient with the whole process
  • Please be a good sport and put in the correct results as we are all here to have some fun

Special thanks to @SteemMonsters for the prize money & @contestkings for the gold cards and we hope to see you all there!!



我和@wilhb81將在明晚悉尼時間晚上11點為澳大利亞玩家|馬來西亞、中國、香港、台灣以及更多亞洲國家則是晚上8點 (GMT +11) 舉辦《 Steem Monster 銀級別錦標賽 》。

可免費參加,我們所在的聯賽是銀級別 - 單人淘汰賽


獎金合共 20SBD:

名字:10 SBD
第二名:5 SBD
第三名:3 SBD
第四名:2 SBD

第5-8名: 每位都獲得一張金卡 (我會隨機選擇)

請確保你使用你的Steemit用戶名參賽。倘若你的 Steem Monsters 用戶名已經被錄用了,請在你的用戶名後面的下方放個橫線,(例如travelgirl_)這可讓我們快速分辨出你們。

@wilhb81與我將在比賽期間,一直會在電報群(Telegram)。如果你有任何問題,請隨時加入我們的群組因為我們希望你在比賽開始前能夠出現在現場。 -



  • 請等待我們的指示才開始每一輪的比賽(特別是第1,2和3輪)
  • 上方的玩家必須先發動挑戰
  • 如果對方還沒有出現,必需要等慢9分鐘才宣布自己是贏家
  • 根據的比賽規模,第一和第二輪要比較長時間,請你們耐心等我們的指示
  • 請擁有良好的體育精神,把正確的賽果填入比賽框內 (友誼第一,比賽第二)

感謝 @Steemmonsters 贊助獎金和 @contestkings 送出金卡

中文原稿來自 @wilhb81 (@Travelgirl 改篇)


animation by @catwomanteresa

Travelgirl pic.jpeg

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