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Asia - Weekly Round-Up #60


9 months ago3 min read

Welcome to today's weekly Travelfeed Asia roundup!

Are you bored out of your mind and need a distraction? Then we got the right articles for you, the following are our favorite posts from last week featuring Asia. Start reading and daydreaming.

The BEST posts for Asia

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Tips Before Traveling In The Philippines by @naojakyl

📍Masbate, Philippines

Thinking of traveling in the Philippines? Well, the country has a lot to offer; from beautiful mountains to different landscapes to crystal clear waters to magical lagoons to amazing amusement parks to nerve-thrilling adventures. The Philippines has it all! And you should include the Philippines in your travel bucket list. I tell you, the country i[...]

Tips Before Traveling In The Philippines

Batad's Rice Terraces and Tappia Waterfalls (with video clips) by @leeart


Ifugao is home to rice terraces often called the Eighth Wonder of the World. These terraces covered 400 square kilometers and probably more. These staggering architectural feat can be found in Northern Luzon some 7 hours from Manila. It is a landlocked mountainous region bordered by Benguet, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya and Mountain Province. Thus[...]

Batad's Rice Terraces and Tappia Waterfalls (with video clips)

Tel Aviv for creatives, digital nomads and budget travelers by @helgalubevi

📍Tel Aviv District, Israel

Tel Aviv was the city where I started my journey as a digital nomad. I’ve been living location independent since 2017 and, even considering that Tel Aviv is not the cheapest city in this world, I didn’t regret to start this lifestyle living there for three months. This unstoppable city is full of life, dance and art on the streets and you can enjoy[...]

Tel Aviv for creatives, digital nomads and budget travelers

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