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What kills your mojo?


10 months agoBusy3 min read
Ever noticed that most times something comes out of the blue in your favor, and then you hesitated to take advantage of the thing or event and, .......BOOOM! it was gone? Or you had a very brilliant idea which you didn't act upon and all of a sudden everything became blurry? Like, the idea left without you making use of it?

A good idea without the right backing or the right approach towards that idea will make it to lose it's initial energy into manifestation. Not having what it takes to work towards the achievement of that idea will definitely kill the idea. Time is very necessary in this kind of dealings, and at the same time, time doesn't stop for anybody.

The Law of Attraction focuses majorly on the flow of life. Emphasis must be made on this word "ACT NOW". We should be cautious of the fact that the slightest hesitation may and will lead to missed opportunities. We must cultivate the habit of reacting to certain things in life. Whenever we come in contact with an idea or something, in order not to forget about that idea, it can be jotted down so as to be worked upon much more later.

The Universe Loves Speed

The universe as we know it works with speed. It's like a fast train that stops for you to enter and you hesitated, by the time you decided to want to get inside you'll realize it's no longer there. This is exactly what the speed of the universe entails. Or when you are advised to invest in a business and you refuse, and then suddenly it pays off, then you start living in regret.

Being in the Flow is a very good feeling, and from the flow you start having the sense and feeling of belonging but, there are certain roadblocks to your flow or things that kill your mojo(flow). Here are a few things that kill your mojo;


This is one of the major roadblock that knocks you out of your flow. The moment you start procrastinating something that is meant to be done right away, you're slowly killing your mojo without you knowing.


Another thing that distorts our flow is laziness. Laziness is when you feel too reluctant to get things done.


To complain is to express a feeling of dissatisfaction. But, it won't take you anywhere. Complaining about a particular thing or event won't better it but bring you back to where you were. It doesn't attract anything good.
Putting blames on people because of failed attempts will only make you a victim. You need to man up and be responsible for your actions, and by so doing, it puts you in the driver seat of your life.


This can be labeled as thinking you're not the best, thinking you don't have the ability to get something done. You ought to give yourself the benefit of doubt and take that first step that need to be taken before manifestation can come through.

Fear Of Failure

Failure is part of success and not the opposite of success. We as humans aren't perfect, we all have our flaws and our weaknesses. The path to success is very rough, and a lot of mistakes will be made before one can be successful. When we fear to fail, we push success away.


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