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Manchester City Vs Watford Match Result

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Manchester City 8 - 0 Watford

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D. Silva scored in the 1st minute for Manchester City in the first half And lead the team to 1-0. S. Aguero scored the second goal from Manchester City in the 7th minute. R. Mahrez scored the third goal in 12 minutes for Manchester City. B. Silva scored the fourth goal in 15 minutes for Manchester City. N. Otamendi scored the fifth goal in 18 minutes for Manchester City. And led the team 5-0.

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In the second half, Manchester City scored their sixth goal in 49 minutes and B. Silva scored his second goal. And led the team 6-0. B. Silva scored his first goal in 60 minutes for Manchester City and his third goal. K. De Bruyne scored the eighth goal in 85 minutes for Manchester City. And led the team to 8-0. The result of the match after the game is Manchester City 8 - 0 Watford.

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Congratulation Manchester City to win this match.


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