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Run to the hills!!!!!


last month2 min read

I just finished a 9.009km running that lasted about 0hh:44mm:15ss !


I don't use to listen music while running but, lately, since I don't have any clear objective, competitively speaking, I am using the headphones more often...

I have one set of headphones from Sony which are designed specifically for runners...

They are really very small and light but you have everything inside the earphones, battery, volume and 2GB of music that I uploaded long time ago.

I always choose "random setting" while playing the songs. It is less boring...

Today, the first song I listened was "RUN TO THE HILLS" , a classical from Iron Maiden...yes man, I was a "Heavy Rock" fan when I was young (and I think I am still)...

I, ,d,o,n,',t, ,k,n,o,w, ,i,f, ,y,o,u, ,h,a,v,e, ,e,v,e,r, ,l,i,s,t,e,n,e,d, ,t,h,i,s, ,s,o,n,g, ,(,h,e,r,e, ,y,o,u, ,a, ,h,a,v,e, ,a, ,l,i,n,k,

,), ,b,u,t, ,i,t, ,i,s, ,t,h,e, ,k,i,n,d, ,o,f, ,s,o,n,g, ,t,h,a,t, ,g,i,v,e,s, ,y,o,u, ,a,n, ,",e,x,t,r,a,", ,p,u,s,h, ,w,h,i,l,e, ,r,u,n,n,i,n,g, ,i,n,d,e,e,d,.,.,.

It's amazing.

Actually, I am still singing it :-)

and, what I have done today?

Obviously, I did run FAST to the hills!

9Km + 150m altitude , in 42' + stretching.

Not bad, isn't?

Keep on running!


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