My Experience on Steemit after 6 months as a Blogger


3 months agoDTube

Hi in this video, I share my experience as a Blogger using the platform Steemit.

I was lucky to get involved near the start and to meet some amazing people from there.

I also went to Steemfest 2 to met some of the gang, which was a blast!

So, in my experience, I would say :

  1. Take your time blogging. It's better to have few quality posts then a load of posts that you rushed.
  2. Like any social network, make friends on there and have fun.
  3. Blog to help people or to entertain people, not to make money. If your stuff is high quality and you're consistently posting, the money will come in the end, but it shouldn't be the end goal!

I hope you like this video and please post your comments below.


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