@tipU Voting Service Quick Guide [updated 05.10.2018]


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This post is intended as a quick guide to all steem users that would like to promote their posts using @tipU voting service.

Key Points:

  • negative ROI protection and up to +20% profit for vote buyers
  • minimum payment: 0.1 SBD or 0.1 STEEM
  • max upvote: $50
  • daily chance to win STEEM MONSTERS Booster Pack
  • check out @tipU profile to see current voting profitability and max upvote

Buying @tipU Upvote

To buy @tipU upvote and increase your post visibility, simply send at least 0.1 SBD or 0.1 STEEM to @tipU with link to your post in the memo:

Currently the max upvote is around $50 so there is no need to transfer more than 40 SBD/STEEM. Of course if you send more, any excessive part will be auto-refunded.

Please note that @tipU is not a bidding bot - your payment does not compete with other vote buyers and you will receive upvote, that after curation will give you back 100% of your payment - or more. Please go to @tipU profile to check out current upvote profitability.

Checking Voting Status

@tipU works in daily shifts - it has certain amount of voting power to spend each day and if it runs out - @tipU goes to sleep to recover the VP. If you will make a upvote request during the recovery time, your payment will be automatically refunded.

To check if @tipU is currently voting or sleeping, simply go to @tipU profile: https://steemit.com/@tipu
The profile image and text will inform you about current @tipU voting service status:

Green: voting is active (and the profile description informs about the current max available upvote).
Blue: sleeping (and the profile description informs when voting will be active again :)

Please note that you can also check this info at: https://steembottracker.com


Every day @tipU sends STEEM MONSTERS booster pack to randomly picked vote buyer. Click here for more info!

Automatic Refunding

If by whatever reason @tipU can't upvote your post, for example because of recovering voting power, your payment will be automatically refunded with information when the upvotes will be available again.

Also any difference between your payment and the upvote value will be automatically refunded so the situation where for example you send 1 SBD and receives only $1 upvote is not possible ($ refers to post value in STEEM Dollars). You will always receive upvote of at least 100% value of your payment - even after taking the curation part.

If you guys have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments! :)


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