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@tipU APR At 24% - I'm Starting To Like The HF20


7 months agoBusy2 min read

It seems that the implementation of HF20 Resource Credits, which replaced the old bandwidth system, has some interesting effect on the STEEM blockchain.

When checking yesterday's @tipU statistics, the reported APR (annual percentage rate - the return from investment per year) was at 23.96%


That's a lot, given the current STEEM price - even for @tipU ;)

The main reason for that is the increased @tipU vote value. More vote value means more upvotes and more profit for investors.

Yet, the STEEM price didn't change much so our increased vote value comes from the growing Reward Pool - @dragosroua wrote about it here.

I'm wondering if the Reward Pool is so high because there is just less STEEM users activity or the reason is that many botnet reward pool abusers where cut off thankss to the Resource Credits implementation? Probably both?

Anyway the increasing post payouts means that more money can be made on STEEM - and this usually means more people flowing in. It's gonna be interesting to see how the situation will develop - will we see increasing users activity or rather a stagnation?

PS. Check out this post: - something new is cooking ;)


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