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Receiving Daily Profit With @tipU - Quick Guide


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This post will give you a quick overview about delegating and investing in @tipU in order to receive daily payouts on STEEM.


The cool thing about delegating SP and investing to @tipU is that you have full overview of you investment.

When you delegate, you will receive confirmation (as a 0.001 SBD transfer to your wallet) that the delegation has been received:

Then with each payout you get detailed stats about your investment:

You can also send 0.001 SBD to @tipU with memo: status to receive the stats at any moment:

And if you don't want to use your wallet to send requests, you can just make a comment with: @tipu status


The idea behind @tipU is to make the most investors-friendly bot on steem. This also means being on top in terms of profitability.

To achieve that @tipU distributes 100% of profit to investors daily - there are no commissions or fees here, all SBD send by vote buyers is distributed to STEEM POWER delegators and investors.

On top of that, @tipU constantly powers down to get the liquid STEEM from curation rewards and currently 60% of daily curation rewards are being paid out to delegators/investors.

To check profitability at any moment, you can make a comment like this: @tipu profit for 300 SP (or any other SP amount). This is useful if you want to make a delegation and wonder what was the most recent payout for this amount of SP.


If you would like to compare the results with others bots, there's a website that can help you with this: On the top right corner enter user name: @lavater or @wefund and go to delegations -> current. The best APR is what you're looking for :)


Please note that profitability and APR varies between different time frames - you can expand the date range by clicking "Load More" to get the bigger picture.

Payout On Demand

Normally payouts are done every 24 hours to each investor but if you would like to receive the payout at any moment - just send 0.001 SBD to @tipU with memo: payout.

How To Delegate

If you don't know how to make delegations - please check out this post.

Making the delegation to @tipu automatically enables you to receive daily payouts, you don't have to do anything more :)

Please note that the screenshots used in this post were taken at STEEM price at $1.6 - which has a direct impact on lower profits compared to higher STEEM price levels.

The invest / auto reinvest quick guides are "work in progress", I will add links to them in this post when they are done :)


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