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Adjusting @tipU Voting ROI: Min +1% / Max +20% / + Profit Share Tokens


5 months agoBusy2 min read
Hi guys, how's it going. Today I've updated the ROI calculations for @tipu voting service that sets the minimum ROI to +1% so negative ROI is no longer possible. Check out the rest of the post for more details.

The reason why the negative ROI was possible before was that @tipU couldn't handle all the upvote requests and had to go into sleep/recovery mode each day which made many users a bit angry.

Thanks to recent delegations and some other mechanics that allow to limit voting power draining (especially on old posts which really doesn't fit the "promotion" category) this is no longer an issue - so ROI calculation does not have to go into negative mode.

Currently the minimum ROI is set to +1% and max to +20%. On top of that each vote reqest is rewarded with @tipU profit sharing tokens so the actual ROI is far higher :)

The minimum ROI at +1% means that each upvote will be profitable and the user will always receive more than what he paid. When you compare it to most of the bidbots that's quite unusual as most of them does not feature negative ROI protection.

PS. First person that spots something weird in that gif above (apart from green arrow) will get 10 STEEM :P


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