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How We Are Taking Our Kids To A Wrong Direction!


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Mobile is a great invention but Nowadays its good Or not for the new generation ?

I want to explain how it will be beneficial to some part of new generation and what i have observed thought my short period of life i have come to the conclusion that how it will be important for the new generation and for the young generation.

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As we have a kids and they are not Gonna Eat well and there parent just play cartoon to their kids they just set that do there lunch and dinner so that is not a good impression on the kids life!

I am not in favor of such life that you make your very young kids addicted to the mobile and laptop and Ipads Whatever playstations that is a waste of there important time from the very early stage of his life.

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As you see in the above picture they are playing game ans on that power they are just trying to feed their kids i have found this in my home to day so that is why i try to make a post with this situation that how we can expect that these kids will get success in there life with time.

In early time the people were going outside and children were playing in Mud and they were spending time with other kid and having fun outside.

There were advantages in Using Mobile but there are many disadvantages that underage kids are using mobile!

Advantages Of Mobile:

  • If kids are using mobile for there school homework they can get more knowledge buy searching about there concern topics and they can get more important notes related to there searching topics and they get more educated!

  • Using mobile and internet can help them save most of the time they are spending by learning from there other friends and by combine study they can save time by just searching and take screenshots of the concern lectures or copying it from the screen .
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Disadvantages :

  • As every one is aware of the use of the internet that when you are using any search engine there will be a pop up post of a adult site for sure by clicking on which will take you to the adult sites which had adverse effect on the kids brain.

  • When in early time when technology was not that much advanced we were going to play in parks and we were playing different games outside which was having for fun and as well as for exercise so that time no one was getting sick and the body parts was in good stage. Now we feel that small kids are having different kind of joints and bones problems that is only that they are not having any physical exercise and they are just setting in home and spending most of time on games and laptops.


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