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**Donkey - stubborn species or just a modest worker?** 🤗🍀


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Still cleaning my computer, still finding a lot of photos that I already forget about.

This time I want to introduce you to a beautiful friend that we meat in Slovenia. He looked at us with these big beautiful eyes and he was not scared of people. I was happy that we meat this baby.


You don’t see a lot of donkeys these days, so it was a time to discover some fact about these beautiful animals.
The term “donkey” is often used to insult others or pull a joke, but not a lot of people know, that this animal is actually very intelligent, with an excellent memory and tremendous physical strength. They are capable of remembering a place they have been to or other donkeys they met a long time ago.
They are originally from desert areas of the Middle East and Africa and are anatomically well-equipped to survive in those conditions. On average they can live up to 47 years, but of course with proper maintenance and care. Because of their large ears, they are capable of hearing another donkey from a distance of 80 km in proper desert conditions.
People think that donkeys are very stubborn, but that is not true. If they traveling and they sense that is something wrong, they will simply not move ahead and will start digging with their heels. So they are not stubborn they are just intelligent. They prefer to stay in groups because they are herd animals but a single donkey can actually live happily with a group of goats. Like a lot of animals, if they are in a herd, they will groom each other and keep themselves clean.

What surprised me the most is the fact that pregnancy can last nearly 14 months. 14 MONTHS! That is crazy :)

You can train your donkey, but that requires quite some patience. You need to earn their trust and eventually, they will lend themselves to training. It is estimated that around 44 million donkeys live in the world, and China is the country with the highest number of donkeys. Funny thing, donkeys in Britain needs to have passport :)

Unfortunately in poorer and more agriculture-oriented parts of the world, donkeys are still a very cheap labor force and also in those parts of industrial countries where motor transport is not sufficiently widespread.

In order to get rid of stereotypes about stubborn and even stupid donkeys, we need at least three lives, to convince people that this is not true. Presumably, the character of the "dumb" donkey was already used in ancient Greece, especially in comparison with the more noble horse. At the same time, their second-rate position symbolized the poorer layer of people. The rooted opinion is difficult to overcome in the minds of people. Like in the past, people were burned at the stakes because they believed that the earth rotates around the sun and not the other way around. Regarding the rooted stereotypes about donkeys, I hope that each written word brings its share to wider knowledge because It's a pity that we don't appreciate them enough because they are really amazing animals. I hope that someday they will be appreciated for their usefulness and we will start to respect them, just like horses.

Guys, I hope you learned something new about these cute friends. Thanks for reading

I really appreciate all your comments and all my followers. I'm so glad that I'm part of this community. Always learning something new, not just with reading other posts, but with writing too. We are awesome :) ❤️❤️

Wishing you a nice Saturday and a lot of sun this weekend☀️☺️

with love, @tinabrezpike ❤️


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