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We meet spring without nail fungus


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Spring is a time of transformation and nature, and the fair sex. Women, tired of heavy winter clothes, are already eyeing light spring clothes and shoes. Alas, the joy of buying stylish open shoes can be overshadowed by the appearance of nail fungus. And the stronger sex will be more comfortable without itching on the feet.

As practice shows, the problem with the fungus from year to year is becoming increasingly important for young girls, respectable businessmen, athletes, people of completely different ages and professions.

It happens that you are being treated with a proven remedy for a month, two, three. And, it would seem, your labors are rewarded, and the disease recedes. The nail shines with health again, there is no unpleasant smell and stratified skin around. Suddenly, a year later, you again see the familiar symptoms. Hands fall, spring mood disappears in a flash.

Why it happens? The fact is that the fungus over time begins to develop resistance to the drugs that you used. Therefore, the drug, which has always helped in the fight against nail fungus, simply stops working.

Thus, there is a need to change the drug and conduct a prophylactic course of therapy. After all, fungal diseases are prone to relapses due to short treatment, stress, weakened immunity. And most often relapses occur in the first year after the main treatment. Many are supporters of the use of tablets. But at the same time, the kidneys and liver are affected, the entire digestive tract. Modern methods of treatment to avoid unwanted reactions.

Today, there are external drugs that are more effective and safer than the tablet form and, moreover, have a fundamentally new mechanism of action, due to which it is possible to avoid the resistance of fungi. For example, the drug Mizol "on the basis of naftifine, to which the fungal spores are not addictive.

A change of the drug is necessary and expedient, because every day an ineffective therapy removes you from spring, sun, sandals and sandals. Do not waste the spring, treat the fungus correctly.


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