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Maximize Curation Rewards with @ThreeSpeak.


4 months ago3 min read

Hello Everyone,

HF21 introduced some remarkable changes especially for curators on STEEM Blockchain. If you are loaded with SP, doesn't matter high or low, this should interest you:

Economic Improvement Proposal

These changes supposedly improve the economics on STEEM. To a great extent it has changed the behavior of users observed by everyone so far. Self-upvoting has gone down. Bid Bots are now converting themselves into manual/smart curation projects. Since curation is booming, we also visualize scope for creators to earn a little extra in the process.

There are three key components of EIP:

  • Moving from a linear rewards curve to a convergent linear rewards curve. In layman terms, the convergent linear rewards curve will penalize posts that have low pending payouts. These types of posts are presumed to be lower quality and supported by self-votes. Posts that receive more reward shares will obtain higher payouts.
  • Increasing the percentage of rewards that are distributed to curators. Now the rewards will be split as per 50:50 ration for Authors and Curators.
  • Create a separate “downvote pool”. We now have a separate downvote power. It gives anyone the ability to downvote without losing out on their voting power.

Vote Window Change

Voting window has been changed from 15 minutes to 5 minutes only. This simply means that curators closer to 5 minute mark will get max. share of Curation rewards depending upon their voting percentage and SP.

All the above changes will slowly turn the dynamics of this platform, some of which have revised already.


Maximize Curation Rewards with @ThreeSpeak

Generally for a new post, we upvote after 8 minutes. This means if someone is watching a 3speak video and vote before 8th minute, they can benefit from the large threespeak vote coming on the post. Now this doesn't mean that anyone blindly upvotes anything. Make sure that you upvote videos with highest quality content. There is a good chance that those videos would get substantial upvotes from other users as well.

We hope that this little piece of info will help you maximize your rewards as a curator. It will also encourage our creators to make better content and promote STEEM outside STEEM.

Welcome to #NewSteem

Welcome to #NewThreeSpeak


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