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Why the MSM’s Story of Epstein’s Suicide is a Farce.


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With some deduction, we can conclude that Epstein did not kill himself in prison. A glaring piece of evidence which supports this claim is the malfunctioning video. With murder, a malfunctioning video is necessary to hide the crime. The same goes for covering up an escape. However, with suicide, suppressing the video’s release is unnecessary, and that’s because the only person responsible for committing the crime is Epstein himself. Unless of course he was suicided, but that brings us back to murder.

It seems unlikely that a sociopathic-billionaire-predator would commit such depraved acts against children and then blackmail some of the most powerful people on the planet without an adequate contingency plan. Such safeguards would discourage mysterious suicides and or unexplained accidents. That said, it would be in the best interests of all his blackmail victims if you can even call them that, to see him live to the ripe old age of forever. This, so that the cat never gets out of the proverbial bag.

It seems more likely that he is not dead, and parties interested in keeping his secrets orchestrated his escape. Something like this would no doubt happen under the guise of witness protection, this way if it’s ever proven that he’s alive, then all government will need to do is fess up to the ruse in the name of future prosecutions. If the public learns this, then select people will be thrown under the bus or convicted to protect the appearance that justice is taking place.

Many well-known names will get shielded by those who orchestrated his release, and we should consider that some of these powerful people will have dirt on each other. Epstein’s escape from jail might help to protect not only his enterprise but also various agencies of government, specifically, those who have used his honeypot as a tool to wield control over politicians. There’s no doubt they will put on a convincing show that it’s getting dismantled, but it will smack of OBLs convenient sea burial.

What say you, is it a coincidence that the camera’s malfunctioned? I think there are some powerful forces at play here, and we shouldn’t take any of it at face value. One also has to ask themselves considering the agency investigating this, whether Trump is in the loop regarding everything going on with this case. He had predicted a Clinton/Epstein problem during the debates with Hillary Clinton, and finally, some of these things are coming to pass.

If Epstein is in some kind of protective custody, is Trump privy to or even in control of it? We’ve already seen how various agencies in government have worked as hard as they could to smear his name and bring him down with fake allegations. With the previous claims that Trump tried to obstruct justice, it makes one wonder how involved he can get into this Epstein case, without again being accused of something similar.

I think we can assume that everything surrounding Epstein may now be in the hands of the justice department, but it is unknown if Trump has any influence over justice or any real knowledge of their agenda and actions. From the outside looking in, it seems he does not. So, unless this was a national security action or military operation, one might conclude that the witness protection is in the control of agencies that have acted adversarially towards the president.

Conversely, one may infer that the executive branch preempted the Department of Justice because they’ve become weaponized and have shown themselves to act with treason concerning the Russia fiasco. An interesting fact is that feds stormed the island right after Epstein’s alleged death, and that may be evidence that the so-called suicide blindsided elements within the DOJ. You’d think they would have already searched the island by now, so why the big rush to do it after his “death?”


What is it that they don't want you to see here?

As you can tell, this is a very speculative article about a complex conspiracy with many moving parts. I tried to touch on all the relevant factors. I hope these networks will get dismantled. However, the history that I’ve read on these matters leads me to believe that these operations will continue. Blackmail affords white hats, black hats, and gray hats a veritable treasure trove of political capital. In my opinion, the chances of it all being aired out to the public are slim to none. What do you think, will we ever get the whole truth on this matter?

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