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Part One:

I found a home.

From Quora to Youtube I felt I was building a foundation on sand. With the Steem blockchain, I finally feel I am building on solid rock. As you may already know, I left Quora as a top writer, and I quit my Youtube channel. The reason I moved off of those platforms was that when I hear a train coming and I look down at tracks, I don't wait to see the train before moving. The train is coming.. and that train runs on Steem.

Risk is an essential ingredient of success. The best opportunities in life are often staring us right in the face; people tend to overlook them in search of something new. Most investors, retail especially, have herd animal spirits. The phrase "buy low, sell high" has become a meme; it's the most straightforward advice to understand in theory yet the hardest to follow in practice. I cut out the outside noise, and I align my capital with my beliefs. Freedom is taken one inch at a time and never reimbursed. - This Is why I believe in a foundation that defeats censorship and creates an opportunity where there was once none; Steem provides such a foundation.

I will be providing a ton of focus on Steem. My first efforts will be to have a high-quality commercial made for Steem that will clearly show the difference between and Steem the blockchain while highlighting the massive potential for Steem. Then, blast the ad everywhere. We can attract a lot of big-time investors to Steem by merely spreading awareness. Steem is a no-brainer, and once we spread the knowledge, the floodgates will open. Developers are kings in their own rights, and I plan to bring as many as I can. The more projects on Steem, the more moon shots all hodlers of Steem have, and we're all going to the same moon.

The average Steemian investor is a Super Saiyan of value!!! For each investor in Steem is comparable to one-thousand ordinary crypto investors. The average investor might lift a finger to like a tweet, the average Steemian creates a feature/dApp, or produces content or rewards those that provide value. Steemian's go over and beyond. Just look at gonetcoins, and I have a great feeling about Coinbase. Many can become one, Steemians can delegate not only their time, skills and effort but also their SP similar to how humans delegate their spirit to a spirit bomb. With the energy that is focused, there is nothing this community cannot conquer.

Steem is the blockchain of go-getters, overachievers, the ones who work when no one is watching, and help those who no one else will. I have seen more done to progress the human race on the Steem blockchain than any other blockchain and I believe the potential is second to none when it comes to the future of our society.


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