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Newest BTC SCAM that SCAMMED ME! Hash-Capitals or Instagram @thegreenfieldmine


4 months agoSteemit2 min read

Hash Capitals is a SCAM and FRAUD!


I was completed scammed by

this year. While allocating my Steem into BTC and BTC into what they called a mining-pool for BTC i was taken for thousands and thousdans of dollars and would love to put them on blast. Please share this article

I really believe this is a place that gives Crypto Currencies and all of the possible ways to consider adopting it a bad wrap.

Culprit #1 - Thomas Greenfield
Stay away from this luring Instagram siren titled @thegreenfieldmine Not a fan of this guy completely coercing me into a mining pool that claims it mines BTC but really takes your contract money and never gives anything back.


After many months of moving Steem into BTC through Blocktrades, and then into this pool only to get my payment back, I received excuses upon excuses. I would absolutely appreciate any and all of you to please repost this posting to get the word out about frauding crypto

Scam responses

aren't we in a mining pool for BTC lol cmon man.

really ? ??

I'll be the first to say i fell for it, it was rather convincing. but geez!

So then i said let's consult a Crypto Tax Consultant



The concluded response from Hash Capitals mining pool


Is it even possible for blockchain tech to get viruses lol... aren't they validated by blocks and peers?

Like really? aren't we in a mining pool here. aren't we trying to mine btc? Anyway. I definitely wanted to share this with the community to be sure NO ONE Is adopting this SCAM into their world. I fell for it, really believed it and lost. Please SHARE THIS!


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