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@thereikiforest [unfiltered] Selfies for Self Reflection

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10 months agoBusy2 min read

Does it feel like a Wednesday to you friends? It doesn't feel like a Wednesday (or a holiday for that matter) to me. Not that I am big on celebrating 'official holidays' because I am really not. But for those who are...Happy 4th to you!! <333

Anyways...I was inspired last night while reading @shawnamawna's post I take alot of selfies. Here's why and decided that I need to take a page from her notebook and apply this therapeutic approach to my life.

Today is day one of doing just that. I am going to take AT LEAST ONE unfiltered selfie for self reflection EVERYDAY for 1 year, starting TODAY. I am going to leave them unfiltered and post them as a series for self reflection.

This morning after my first cup of coffee (before showering or getting ready for the day) I stepped outside to be among my trees (my happy place if you will) to 'get the job done' lol.

I snapped 4 pictures (to be fair I only intended to take one..but accidentally triggered the setting on the phone to take 4 quick shots so I went with it).

Here they are, unfiltered, in the order they were taken.

Thank you @shawnamawna for opening my eyes to looking at selfies in greater depth. Much Love & Respect to you!!!

Before I go for now, you already know how I roll, I would like to offer everyone a bit of Reiki Healing Love to bring forward with you throughout your adventures....

Let that beautyfull heart of yours open up to the incoming flow of Universal Life Force Energy that I Am NOW sending Your way...

Relax. Breathe. Receive.

Thank you for taking some of your time to pass through & be part of #mysteemitlife.

As All-Ways, Thank You for BEING YOU!

Remember to InJoy the Journey ~ See you again soon

Much like my #ulogacy, the theme/inspiration for this series of posts is in-power-ment & self naturally every Selfie post I share is gonna be a 100% POWER UP post. I strongly encourage anyone else who begins a journey like this to consider doing the same.


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