Witness Essentials: CLI (Update)


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Witness Essentials: CLI received an update, which includes:

  • New Command: rotate
  • Private active-key input popup if not added to config.json, but needed for the specific action

Github: https://github.com/witness-essentials/cli
PR: https://github.com/witness-essentials/cli/pull/4

What is Witness Essentials?

Witness Essentials is a collection of important tools for witnesses. Witness Essentials: CLI includes multiple commands for witnesses to quickly manage their signing-keys & witness data.

Github Organization: https://github.com/witness-essentials

Getting Started


1.) Clone Repository and install packages

git clone https://github.com/witness-essentials/cli.git
cd cli
npm i # or yarn

2.) Edit your Config

cp configs/config.example.json configs/config.json
nano configs/config.json

Config Explanation

  • WITNESS: Witness account name.

  • SIGNING_KEYS: Add all signing keys here as pairs. As of HF20, you can now also update your witness with your current private signing key. This is also necessary for updating new properties.

 [{ "public": "STM7..", "private": "5JS.." }, { "public": "STM5..", "private": "5PD.." }, { .. }]
  • ACTIVE_KEY (Optional): As of HF20, the private active key is optional and/or only needed if the witness is disabled and you want to enable it again. If it's needed, it can also be entered as argument once the script asks for it.


There are 4 commands you can run. If you want to use a specific RPC_NODE, then you can use it as an optional argument.

  • Active a specific signing-key

  • Disable witness directly
npm run disable <OPTIONAL_RPC_NODE>

  • Change witness parameters
npm run update <OPTIONAL_RPC_NODE>

  • Rotate between signing-keys (in config)
npm run rotate <OPTIONAL_RPC_NODE>

I hope my fellow witnesses find this useful.

All the best,

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