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Was STEEM your 'gateway drug' into crypto?


7 days agoSteemit

Was STEEM your 'gateway drug' into crypto?

The basic mantra of Bitcoin maximalists is usually, that everything besides BTC are shitcoins, not worthy of anything.

While I do see Bitcoin as a great store of value, this world-view of nothing besides it matters is very short-sided, in my opinion.

Altcoins actually drive quite a lot of value to BTC, by providing use-cases and entry points into the whole crypto-sphere.

And in that sense, I believe STEEM has driven quite a lot of value, bringing hundred of thousands into contact with blockchain & crypto.

Hence this poll is there to see, how many of you got hooked into the whole crypto-sphere, because of Steem (or maybe not)

Please vote via dpoll!

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  • Yes! STEEM was the my first cryptocurrency I interacted with and it got me hooked on crypto.

  • Yes and no. I was already familiar with cryptocurrencies, but STEEM was a major reason why I got hooked.

  • No. STEEM had pretty much influence on me.

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