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Next Stop: Moon/ Sun?


4 months agoSteemit2 min read

I'm not sure what is more exciting:


  • @ned having a new profile image on twitter
  • or him retweeting a tweet from Justin Sun, which basically confirms the speculations around Sun acquiring/investing in Steemit (& potentially Steem).

Regardless, my gut is telling me that something big is going to happen!

And maybe we'll all soon be rewarded for hodling through the driest of dry times.


Most importantly, with a cryptocurrency, that has brought more real value to people and the whole crypto-ecosystem than the majority of other projects.


Application-specific blockchain is performing better than other general purpose blockchains. Wat?

It can be said without doubt that changes will come to Steem, whether they're good or bad, we'll see. But I'd rather see changes, than stagnation and a slow death of Steem.

While Steem isn't just cherrytomatoes (wink) and gold behind the surface, in my opinion, the whole project is pretty much underrated.


And maybe it takes a Sun to kickstart this whole thing?

Whether you hate or love him; one thing is for sure: that man knows how to market himself & his projects.

Tron will be available on the latest Samsung phones in the blockchain keystore.

Samsung phone use is anticipated to surpass 1 billion+ users in the next few years.

And if he'd be involved with Steem, I'm betting 2 STEEM on it, that people will hear about Steem (and SMTs ;) ).

Which makes me excited for what's to come!

What are your thoughts? Next stop moon sun?



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