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Let's get Steem on Coinbase


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What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is one of the most important exchanges for cryptocurrencies due to its ease of use and creditability. It might not be the cheapest one due to its fees and I know that some of you are against centralized exchanges, but I believe that we, as a civilization, are not yet ready for fully decentralized exchanges.

For full adoption of crypto currencies, we need to attract the normal humans, who are not necessarily able or willing to deal with a decentralized exchange or even private keys.

And Coinbase is in my opinion an extremely important tool for mass adoption.

STEEM on Coinbase?

And recently, Coinbase announced that they're looking into multiple other cryptocurrencies (besides their main rooster) for listing.

One of them is STEEM.

STEEM has by far one of the biggest userbases in blockchain world. And what if we could leverage this userbase to show coinbase, that there is real demand from real humans for STEEM.

Imagine what would happen if STEEM were officially able to be bought and sold on Coinbase - could it look like this?


I must confess, I gave that image above a little bit of photoshop love, but why shouldn't STEEM be able to reach such a level? Why not?

So, what can we do to make this goal a reality?

"Vote" for Steem

There is a new page on which lists the main 5 cryptos in addition with 45 other cryptocurrencies (incl. STEEM):

And I initially got this idea from @gray00 (muchos gracias at this point), but on the right site, you're able to click on a little star, which activates this cryptocurrencies gadget on the dashboard.

Meaning: since I favourited STEEM (clicked on the star), I'm now able to see the price and history of STEEM right on my Coinbase dashboard.


And it makes a lot of sense for me, that Coinbase is probably monitoring this data to determine if a cryptocurrency has demand.

Which could mean: the more users on Coinbase favourite STEEM, the higher the chance it will get listed.

So, to leverage this knowledge I came to the following idea.

Make a vote & receive a vote

Everyone who is favouriting (voting for) STEEM on Coinbase will receive a 10% vote by me.

Simply do the following steps:

1.) Go to
2.) Login or Signup first
3.) Go to
4.) Click on the star
Info: If you don't see the stars, it seems that this is a somewhat common problem. At the current time, I'm not aware what the solution could be. But you could write a ticket to coinbase, mentioning that you'd like to see Steem on your dashboard but are not able to do that.
5.) Make a screenshot similar to the image above
6.) Create a comment under this post with your screenshot to proof your action
7.) Get a 10% upvote.

And that's it, easy right?

Let's work together and show Coinbase how big the demand for STEEM truly is!

I'll be waiting for your comments!

All the best,

Do you believe that my work is valuable for Steem? Then please vote for me as witness.


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