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11 days ago


Global Reward Pool: All HIVE stakeholders share a single reward-pool and upvote/downvote to determine how it's distributed, creating conflict & drama along the way, making it a difficult flora for onboarding.

Individual Reward Pool: All HIVE stakeholders have their own reward-pool, where the decision how it's spent or if it's spent at all on other people (otherwise it's simply token-based inflation to the stakeholder) is only determined by the stakeholder. No downvotes. No self-votes. No "gaming-the-system". No abuse.

Implementation Example: Ben has 10k HIVE and gets 5 HIVE staking-rewards per day at 100% reward-pool percentage. Every day, the reward-pool is being reset to 100% and the staking-rewards are being paid out.

Since Ben gave some votes/tips/donations and reduced his percentage to 70%, he only gets 3.5 HIVE (5 * 0.7 HIVE), while the other 1.5 HIVE is being distributed to the other people.


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