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INTRODUCTION POST - A little about me


2 months ago3 min read

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A few interesting/not so interesting facts about my life -

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• I grew up in Johannesburg, on a rather large property that was also home to over 80 staff members, 7 horses, 13 dogs, a pet lion, 3 zebras, 5 springbok, 2 pot belly pigs, 4 meerkats, rabbits, mongooses (or mongeese - I never remember which one -ha!), 5 cats, 2 mandrill baboons, a warthog and the list goes on and on... My family (my mother and my sister in particular) have an obsession with 4 legged creatures. Needless to say, there was never a dull moment, it was an absolute madhouse! :)

• I rode horses from a young age and started competing in show-jumping competitions from about 14 years old. I stopped riding when I realized the exorbitant price of this luxurious sport - ha!
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• I was very involved in the biking community and ran the social media platforms for KTM South Africa. This meant that I got to travel around the globe and spectate/be the best pit crew ever ;) at races such as Romaniacs and Sea To Sky in Turkey.

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• I am a qualified personal trainer and previously worked at a power performance center for cyclists, as well as a private gym that specialized in sports specific training for enduro riders.

Life happens and I met an amazing entrepreneur by the name of Carl aka The Baker.

Carl recently wrote:

I have been actively seeking others to share my vision with, who are prepared to dedicate themselves towards making it a reality as much as myself and I’m excited to tell that a newly formed entity has been co-founded called Arkk Inc, with Daniella Shaw (who many of you already know) joining as one of the co-founders, along with others who I will announce to you shortly.

Very motivated and wonderful to help others reach a level of success otherwise not possible for them.

Our vision and mission statement:

Our Vision

Our vision is to build an entire ecosystem that is removed from the constraints of the existing world - empowering people to unlock their true potential, and in doing so, make the world a better place for all of mankind

Our Mission

Our mission is to show every single person on earth, through education, that it is entirely possible for people to see the world how it truly is; a place where our purpose is to create, innovate, and to pioneer, and that all constraints are entirely manufactured by man and seeded through society to create positions of power for a select few.

... I have an undeniable passion for music! It is literally all I eat, sleep and dream about!

Presently I am in South Africa - came home to visit my family - and covid has prevented me from leaving but it's been a productive time none the less.

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As soon as borders are open I will be returning to Los Angeles to carry on my work over there.

Singing has changed my life in more ways than one but that'll follow in other blog posts.

I will be posting songs from my album - so watch this space.

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Thanks for reading and I hope I bless you with many interesting articles about the people I work with and my own growth in the music industry.


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